Blockchain transaction and performance analysis

Project scope

Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, UX & UI Design, QA Testing.


Developing Backend on platform where anyone will be able to follow profitable Solana NFT traders based on their historical trading profits. Users will be able to follow the right traders based on their short or long term investment goals.



The system allows traders to follow up with more experienced and successful traders so their activities regarding NFT are transparent to subscribers. Subscriber is paying a specific fee to a trader that he is following and Parrot is getting 20% out of it.

  • Profile Dashboard - This dashboard will allow you to get a clean view of your NFT portfolio. Including YTD profit, how each collection is performing, estimated value of specific NFTs based on traits and historical selling prices and more.
  • Trading Analyzer - analyzer crunch all the numbers of every NFT minted/bought and sold to figure out what type of trader you are and provide with data related to that in case you want to make adjustments to your trading strategy.


  • Quick development allows testing in closed group of friends and family.
  • Constant feedback helping to improve trading follower mechanisms.

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I'm the least tech-savvy person ever, and so the thought of developing an entire piece of software is paralyzing. But, again, you've demystified the process and made it, dare I say, easy! You got something good here and I'm already looking forward to dusting off a couple of other software ideas I have!

Justin Isom

TechEdge Developers is our primary external development partner. We have now worked with this company for several years, and under the leadership of Rafal Kartaszynski, we have found them to be knowledgeable, responsive and highly professional. We have no hesitation in recommending Rafal and TechEdge Developers for development work.

Mark Aston
Nevaka, Inc.