Improving communication flow with one responsive web app.


Core values

  • 1 responsive web app
  • 2+ million products in the catalog
  • The solution is used in the US


Nevaka provides a solution to improve the communication flow between those electrical contractors in the field and those in the office. It allows them to create, share and edit the lists of materials as well as track the orders, from start to finish.



  • Moving and extending the features from mobile to web app
  • Creating a brand new responsive web app from the ground up
  • Integrating the app with the external systems



  • Maintaining compatibility with old solutions (native apps)
  • Integration with external API and platform (product catalog, MMS)


From two native apps to one responsive website

At first, we were working on the native apps to see how they were built. Next, we created a plan and then, a roadmap to build the web app that would provide the most valueto the users. Based on native apps, we were taking the needed functionalities and implementing them into the web solution.


We also focus on the workflow. Here, we were collaborating with users and they provided us with insights about the features, thanks to which we could simplify the process for field electricians.

As the focus was also on UX, we carried out usability tests, which made the solution even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Simultaneously with the redesign process, there was a rebranding and the launch of a new website. Here, we ensured a unified vision of all aspects.

Thanks to Next.js, we could create our app without dedicated backend support. That saved us a lot of time, so the software could be shipped faster. In order to overcome a problem with the Next.js lambda function behaving like a “black box”, we used Logtail – a log management platform, which integrates with Vercel deployment and provides insight into what has happened inside each lambda function.

Vercel is a platform for Next.js creators and usage of these two made final app deployment possible in seconds with just a few clicks.


Other tools we used to make the project happen:

Tailwind CSS – a utility-first CSS framework, that provides us with utility classes to create consistent looks of the app.

Microsoft Clarity – thanks to this easy-to-use tool, we could see how people actually use the site. We integrated it with Google Analytics to get even more insights.

Better Uptime – a radically better infrastructure monitoring platform, that informs agiven person on the team in case of emergency. We added that for the best practices to be up-to-date with any app unavailability.


The result

And this is how a brand-new web app came to life. It’s responsive, ready for heavy traffic, and integrated with the 3rd parties. You can collaborate with your team, assign them to the projects, keep track of deliveries, report damages, add your favourite vendors, and more.

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I'm the least tech-savvy person ever, and so the thought of developing an entire piece of software is paralyzing. But, again, you've demystified the process and made it, dare I say, easy! You got something good here and I'm already looking forward to dusting off a couple of other software ideas I have!

Justin Isom

TechEdge Developers is our primary external development partner. We have now worked with this company for several years, and under the leadership of Rafal Kartaszynski, we have found them to be knowledgeable, responsive and highly professional. We have no hesitation in recommending Rafal and TechEdge Developers for development work.

Mark Aston
Nevaka, Inc.